How To Cross Out Text In Excel


Microsoft Excel is a worksheet program used to make charts, calculations, and recording data for different kinds of business. Though Microsoft Excel is an excellent program for manipulating numbers, it does not show a direct way to format text values as you want them to be. Strikethrough or cross out text is a clear example of it. Crossing out a text is easily accessible in Microsoft word as there is a shortcut button for it, but in Microsoft Excel, there is no shortcut button to cross out texts. However, there are different methods to do it.


how to cross out text in excel


Let's talk about some of the different techniques on How To Cross Out Text In Excel. The first and easiest method is by using the combination key [Ctrl +5] on your keyboard. To apply the cross out or strikethrough format, you simply have to select the cell and press the shortcut key on your keyboard. You can apply it to a specific part of the content in a cell, to an entire cell, or to a range of cells. The second method is to apply through a cell format option. First, select the cells where you want to use the strikethrough format, then right-click on the selected cell or press Ctrl+1.


A context menu will appear on the screen, and there you choose “format cells.” Then click on the “front” tab from the format cells dialogue box and select the “effects” option. Lastly, click on the “strikethrough” option. And then, click on the “ok” button before you close the dialogue box to save the changes. Another method is by adding the strikethrough button to the Quick Access toolbar. Click on the small arrow button on the upper left corner of your Excel window. To find supplementary details on how to cross out text in excel kindly visit xedricity.


how to cross out text in excel


Then click on “More Commands...” from the drop-down menu. Choose “Commands Not in the Ribbon” from “Choose commands from” option. Then from the list of commands shown, select “Strikethrough” and click on the “Add” button. And on the right pane, you will see the “strikethrough” option added to the command list; then you click on “Ok.” After this, you will find the new strikethrough button shown on the upper left corner of your Excel window. These are some of the easy methods on How to Cross Out Text in Excel.


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